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In your many hours of travel around the online marketing community, you will hear one question being asked more than all the rest. “I’m getting lots of inquiries to my ad, but why am I not getting the orders that I expected?”

We  are committed to finding the answer to what we feel is the biggest challenge facing online marketers today. GETTING ORDERS!

Without cashflow, a new business just does not have a glimmer of hope of staying alive more than a few months. This could very well be the answer to why new businesses come and go within a year of startup.

You can obviously only invest so much of your own money in your company to keep the “wolves” away from the door and still have enough left to survive.

The easiest way to answer this question is to go through a visual example.Here it is.

You have an ad on one of the online services reading:


In the body of your ad you say:

You can make extra income right in the comfort of your own home by breeding worms and selling them to local baitshops at a profit of 300%.
The startup costs are low and worms do not demand a lot of attention!
Watch your income grow as these little devils re-produce like crazy.
Once a week, you do a partial harvest and sell them to local bait shops for $2.00 per dozen!

E-mail for FREE REPORT!

OK! Send the free report. I am interested. Besides, it won’t cost me anything to see if this business is really for me.

Now, how many questions regarding worm farming can you come up with? I can think of many questions about “how to breed worms.” Where do I keep these slimy little money makers? What do I feed them? Do they climb to the top and I just scoop them off or do I have to dig down and get them? If I put this worm farm in my living room, will I have to clean up a big mess each and every day? Do I start with one worm or do I need two worms? How do I tell the “dad” worms from the “mom” worms?

So, how many of these questions do you answer in your free report? You have heard the saying “information is power.” Well whoever came up with that wise little tidbit should have won the “Nobel Prize.” We suggest that you tell your prospective customer everything you can about the worm farm business. This will show them that you are an authority on this subject and they will feel more comfortable with you. If these prospects do decide to go into the worm farm business, you will be the first one that they will turn to.

Will they pay you $29.95 for the actual information on how to start and run this business? Maybe. Most people like the idea of making an extra $1,000 a month, so if all it will cost is the price of a pizza to find out how to do that maybe they will pay the $29.95. But do I actually want a worm farm in my house? Probably not. Maybe if everyone else had a worm farm in their house, I wouldn’t feel so out of place so tell me; how many people actually have a worm farm in their house?

Just to satisfy our own curiosity, we did an Internet search “worm farms, home.” We were surprised at what we came up with. There were a hundred headings regarding our search! Seems a lot of people are into worm composting these days. The city of Vancouver is actually selling startup kits for $25.00 which include the basic container, bedding soil and 500 “Red Wigglers,” a worm that lives comfortably indoors, feeding on food scraps such as coffee grounds, used tea bags, and fruit and vegetable scraps. The container can be kept under the sink for handy access. The city of Vancouver says they have already sold 250 of the 500 startup kits they have to sell. They also say that this is part of an ongoing program that has already put 16000 composters in backyards in the city to date.

What we are leading up to here is the importance of credibility. If you can make people believe without a doubt that this business can work for them money without investing a whole lot of their time, they will pay you for the information. Obviously, this particular business won’t be for everyone so you can’t expect to get orders from every inquiry, but this is just one business. There are many more worth looking into.

The second part of the answer to the question of getting orders is the importance of “testimonials”. Testimonials are actual “first hand” accounts of people that have made money at the business idea you are promoting. Here is an example of a “testimonial”.

“Since the purchase of your information on the worm farm business, I have made $1,000 in just one month.” “This business is easy to operate and it doesn’t take up a lot of my time.” “Thank you for showing me a way to make extra money in my spare time.” John Doe

Again, if you can show people that others are making this business work, they too will want to get in on the action.

Getting your customers to write a good testimonial for you is not as hard as you may think. Usually, all you have to do is ask. Write a nice letter asking them what they thought of your package and request that you can use their reply in your advertising. You will be surprised at the amount that will send you a good report on your product. You should be doing this anyway to make sure you are ending up with “happy” customers. Remember your “money back” guarantee. This will also show them that you are interested in what your product did for them and that you are an accessible person. This is so important in business today. People no longer feel out of touch with the companies they buy from. This information age is also the age of communication and more and more companies now have 1-800 numbers for customer services. Companies that are not “service” oriented in today’s market will not be around for long.

Although the above business example may very well be a profitable venture, we at Biz Online have never tried to promote the idea. The “worm” farm business was used as an example only. There is an obvious opportunity in selling composting startup kits.

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