It’s No Mirage, It’s Our Tech Oasis

For quite some time, Arizona has been one of the most cost-effective states in the country to operate a technology business in. The cost of living is lower here than in many states offering similar levels of business support resources, including available staff.

There are many technology groups in the Valley…networking groups that help Arizona tech businesses and the community in a number of ways. These organizations tend to give back to the community much more than they take. One organization that I have recently become a part of again is irecon, at irecon (all lower case) is just one example of a number of Arizona technology groups that go to extremes to serve the community. Several members of irecon are members of the board of the East Valley Boys and Girls Club. They participate in events, provide guidance to the organization and even assist in the area of financial support.

Rather than having groups segment off so far from one another that they lose touch, a group of Arizona technology leaders banded together to form “Tech Oasis” ( Tech Oasis is more than a simple group…it’s a grassroots effort to brand Arizona as a wonderful place to locate a business and to do business with existing technology companies.

If you’re looking for technology resources, or if you’re involved in technology, you’ll want to visit the Tech Oasis Web Site and see all of the resources that have been collected and are being made available to you. From networking and political activity to ways for you to help spread the word about technology in the state, the Tech Oasis Web Site is an outstanding resource we’re fortunate to have available for years to come.

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